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Tool Kathy Richardsonís Professional Development Videos


The professional development videotape collection for teachers of grades K-2 draws from Kathy Richardsonís expertise in working with teachers on long-term projects aimed to improve teaching and learning of mathematics. The videotapes and guides help teachers and leaders:
  • identify important mathematical concepts,
  • deepen teacherís mathematical understanding of the concepts they teach,
  • learn how childrenís mathematical thinking develops,
  • assess mathematical understanding and adjust teaching practices to meet childrenís needs, and
  • learn ways to organize classrooms to maximize success for all students.

The collection includes videos that focus on different aspects of studentís mathematical performances and support for teachers to deepen studentsí understanding. Videos include: A Look at Childrenís Thinking, The Learning Environment, Thinking with Numbers: Number Talks, Making it Work in Your Classroom.

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For more information about the professional development workshop series, contact Sheryl Taylor Russell, or visit the Math Perspectives website at